Wood Recycling, Charleston, SC Wood recycling can save beneficial tree parts from Charleston landfills and turn them into other materials.

More than ever before, people are able to engage in an open dialogue about the many benefits of employing eco-friendly practices. Just one of these practices includes recycling, and here at Ladson Wood Recycling, we are here to recycle the materials that often people don’t think of as recyclable. Rather than working with plastic, paper and glass, which is what most consumers think of when they think of recyclable items, our team works with items like asphalt, concrete, and wood. These materials can be reused and recycled just like our paper bags and glass jars, and just like those other items, recycling them can save them from a landfill. Just like it says in our name, wood is one of the materials that we regularly recycle. Wood recycling is beneficial to so many of our customers in so many different ways. First, it saves wood from rotting away in a landfill. Rather than getting no use from a diminishing resource, we take wood and turn it into something that people can get use from, such as firewood, wood pulp for new construction materials or paper, saw dust, wood chips, and mulch. These are just some of the many possible options that wood recycling allows for wood waste rather than landfill clutter. Whether you have just a few fallen trees that need clearing or you have an entire lot that needs to be cleared for a new build, we want to help you with your Charleston, South Carolina project. With our wood recycling options, you can help save trees from landfills while giving them a new life. If you have questions about the wood recycling process or would like to learn more about wood recycling, call us at Ladson Wood Recycling today.