Residential Land Clearing, Charleston, SC We want to clear the way for your dream home in Charleston with our residential land clearing services.

One of the greatest joys in the construction and demolition industry is getting to help a family create a home together. Here at Ladson Wood Recycling, we participate in this process by providing superior residential land clearing services to customers in Charleston, South Carolina. We have been providing residential land clearing and other demolition and excavating services for over 30 years.

Here are some of the services we can provide:

We can provide exceptional services while still following the rules and regulations set forth at a federal, state and local level. We are also licensed and insured. We pride ourselves on being timely, skilled and providing superior workmanship on every job site. Our highly trained team has all the equipment they need to do their jobs.

We also recognize that residential land clearing can have a significant environmental impact and work to limit this impact on each job site. We recycle as much as we can as we tear down and remove houses, barns, garages, mobile homes and commercial buildings and structures we encounter. We bring in large roll-off bins that allow us to sort materials into categories for recycling. We try to limit the amount of material that ends up in the landfill.

So, whether you need a right of way cleared or help recovering from a disaster, we want to help you get the job done right and on time. Give us a call to discuss your unique needs.