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Heavy Hauling, Ladson, South Carolina

At Ladson Wood Recycling, we offer  services for a variety of projects. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know what to expect when you’ve hired us for services but don’t really know what kind of equipment we’ll use to complete the job. We’ve provided a short list of five common types of heavy hauling equipment we might use at your project site:

  1. Cranes – Cranes come in two formats (mobile and fixed) and are ideal for heavy hauling when heavy objects need to be lifted and moved from one location to another.
  2. Bulldozers – Bulldozers are great for moving dirt, breaking through difficult terrain, and loosening hard soil. Bulldozers may also be used to create pathways and tracks between sites.
  3. Excavators – Excavators are a very versatile piece of heavy hauling equipment because of their extendable arm with an attached digging bucket. They can be used for demolition, digging holes, and lifting heavy supplies.
  4. Loaders – Ideal for transportation, loaders are often the ideal heavy hauling equipment go-between when materials must be moved from one site or vehicle to another.
  5. Dump Trucks – Dump trucks are available in several different configurations, including side, rear, and bottom releasing. You can also choose your dump trucks based on your required hauling capacity and material type.

If you need heavy hauling equipment for an upcoming project, or if you have a planned demolition, contact us at Ladson Wood Recycling to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. Our experienced team is equipped to provide comprehensive services and supply the heavy hauling equipment necessary to get the best results. We look forward to working with you!