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Five Common Industries That Utilize Land Clearing Services

There are lots of different reasons that one might require land clearing services, even on a smaller scale, like with home building. However, land clearing goes far beyond small acreage projects and is used at a variety of local, state, and federal levels and for a variety of different purposes. Here are five common industries that use land clearing routinely:

  1. Commercial Developers – One obvious answer is with commercial developers who use land clearing for their commercial building projects. The closest shopping mall, housing development, or public parking area are some examples.
  2. Utility Companies – All you need to do is look at the nearest power line to see where land clearing might have been used in a local municipality of suburban area. Power companies prefer to keep the lines clear so they can serve their customers best, and land clearing is a fast and efficient way to achieve this goal.
  3. Industrial Facilities – Another obvious choice might be industrial facilities that regularly manufacture materials, dispose of waste, or manage specific business processes. They use land clearing to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements.
  4. Agricultural Businesses – Having quality soil for agricultural purposes is a critical component of providing healthy crops. Land clearing can be the best way to increase growing capabilities, improve the quality of soil, and protect against drought, pests, and other crop-growing concerns.
  5. Governmental Agencies – Although they may not be the first thing that comes to mind, governmental agencies also use land clearing services to achieve specific goals. For example, the Forest Services uses land clearing to help manage wild fires in various areas across the U.S.

At Ladson Wood Recycling, we offer land clearing services for a variety of industries and for projects of all sizes. If you have a project coming up or would like to learn more about how we can help with your demolition and land clearing requirements, contact us today to get started.